Disappointment and Speculation on the Kodachrome (Roswell) Slides

In March, I wrote about the newly emerged Kodachrome slides that allegedly featured an alien from the Roswell incident. On May 5 the slides were shown at an event in Mexico City. Considering the hype that these alleged slides generated, the ratio of speculators to believers doesn’t seem to be so split 50/50, as so typically seen in the question of “are aliens real”.


Revealed full quality picture of one of the two slides allegedly featuring aliens

Richard Dolan, a ufologist who attended the event in Mexico City stated in a recent article: “I will start by saying that although I still do not yet have a firm position on the slides, I think they are interesting and worthy of continued investigation by qualified individuals. I do not think any of this is a hoax.” Saying that the slides aren’t a hoax, doesn’t mean that “it’s in fact an alien”. Rather, it means that the slides were not created with the intention of “fooling anyone”. The main theories for what is actually in the slide, are a mummy, child mummy, deformed mummy, or a model.

It’s important to remember that when considering the theories as to the subject of the photo being a mummy (or anything in that realm), that the two slides in question were in a box of 400 varying vacation slides. These slides were not found alone. Further more, It’s stated in the trailer video of the full documentary (linked in my previous Kodachrome/Roswell post) that “…mixed in with dozens of vacation shots…” supporting the theory that this may simply be a museum mummy.

On the Kodachrome website where the alleged alien photo is accompanied by a few other from the collection, there’s a tab entitled “Woman in Museum”. If you take a look at the reflection in the glass case in the alleged alien photo, the skirt is a near (if not) identical match to the woman’s in the below photo. The white sleeves, identical knee length of the skirt are also further proof. What does this mean to prove that the alleged alien is in actuality a mummy? As mentioned in my previous post about the Kodachrome slides, the photo collection belonged to Bernard and Hilda Blair Ray. It’s more than possible that among the couple’s extensively documented vacations, they had a friend with them (possibly the woman in the photo) as her identity has not been confirmed yet. I strongly believe that the woman in the glass reflection in the alleged alien slide, is the same as in the below photo.

Unknown woman in museum with model ship believed to be Queen Mary

Unknown woman in museum with model ship believed to be Queen Mary

Prior to the reveal of the photos, I genuinely believed that these slides could be holding some secrets to the Roswell case. Looking back now, I think I wanted to believe that these were legitimate photos, more than I actually believed they were. Let’s say someone did come across real photos of what went down at Roswell, some way or another the U.S. government would get to that information before it was released to the public. In today’s world, you can’t make a documentary, plan, host, and broadcast an event revealing top secret government files. I really wanted to believe in these photos, but the more I look at and investigate the photos, I only find more to prove otherwise.

I would highly recommend checking out these sources if you are interested in the Kodachrome/ Roswell slides:

– Richard Dolan’s article http://www.kgraradio.com/dolans-latest-post-on-the-roswell-slides/


– Kodachrome website http://slideboxmedia.com/


Thoughts On The Following

I’d like to take this space to put some of my thoughts out into this internet space (vs a research based “report”).

I’ve always believed that there is in fact other life in existence besides what is known to Earth; otherwise phrased as “I believe in aliens”. When engaged in conversation that takes the turn onto the subject of extraterrestrials, one might imagine the stereotypical “large head, large owl-like eyes, glowing finger, ET Go Home” (mentioned in previous posts as Grey Types). So, why does this image crop up into our mind, almost as if put there by someone/thing? Hollywood. However this post isn’t about the media’s effect on our perception of extraterrestrial life (future post?).

Right, aliens. So where was it specified that extraterrestrial life has to be some kind of bipedal, advanced civilization with a thirst for world domination? If you believe in the theory of evolution (referring to earthlings now), then you’ll know that life on Earth (supposedly) started as single-celled organisms floating about the vast seas waiting to evolve. Connecting this theory with extraterrestrials, who’s to say that this can’t or simply doesn’t apply to aliens?


Let’s take the theory of evolution, and run with it. I’m not stating that this is “the only correct theory of human origin” (you are entitled to your own beliefs and so on and so forth). For the sake of this discussion, let’s just roll with it. IF in fact the Big Bang did happen, thus creating the universe and well, everything else, then any extraterrestrial life would have evolved from the present elements. Well duh?

What I’m getting at is that all life that we have discovered on Earth is carbon based. The question I’m posing, is what if there were elements present in the Big Bang that are not present on Earth, or even in the Milky Way for that matter. What if those particular elements are the basis for extraterrestrial life in the way that carbon is the basis for all Earth life?

I think that’s enough brain work for tonight.

Kodachrome (Roswell Alien Slides)

Recently some, erm — interesting (to say the least) pictures have surfaced across media that are believed to be linked to the 1947 Roswell Incident. And, AND come May 5, 2015 these photos will be revealed to the public.

(Background for those who are unfamiliar with such events, and for those that are – here’s a refresher) In July of 1947 an object believed to be a UFO crashed in the desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico. Technology from the crash site, as well as an alien body were (supposedly) taken to be studied in secret. The U.S. government tried to cover up this event by denying it entirely. “The government of the United States and other governments around the world have gone out of their way to keep that wrapped up inside a riddle that’s smothered by an enigma,” (UFO Technology…).

Back to the photos. How did they come into the limelight? The story starts with a journalist named Adam Dew. His friend’s sister initially discovered the photos while cleaning out a house in preparation for an estate sale near Sedona, Arizona in 1998. It wasn’t until 2008 that she took a look inside a ragged box containing the 400-some Kodachrome slides.

A blurred version of the only "alien" slide given to the public so far. (Credit: Slidebox Media)

A blurred version of the only “alien” slide given to the public so far. (Credit: Slidebox Media)

The slides were given to Dew and the first task was to date them. He says, “We wanted to date the slides, because we knew people might think they were hoaxed and staged.” They were found to be from the late 40’s which sets them perfectly in accord with the Roswell Incident.

Who were the original owners of the slides? How are they involved with Roswell?

Hilda Blair and Bernard Ray; a seemingly well-connected couple with an extensive life of travel. Hilda, an attorney and amateur pilot, and Bernard, a geologist in the oil industry. They lived in Midland, Texas and had no children. The slides from the tattered box acted as a 10 year timeline through the couple’s life starting in the mid 40’s. So how and why did they end up with 2 slides containing possible alien life? That is still a piece of the mystery we have yet to hear.

A piece that we might be given in the documentary entitled “Kodachrome” made by Slidebox Media (Dew’s production company) which is scheduled to be released May 5, 2015.

The studies done by Dew and his team have sparked interest in researchers in Mexico. The slides believed to be of aliens, as well as their research will all be revealed at the Auditorio Nacional on May 5, 2015 at 19:30. The event will be broadcasted around the world. I for one am absolutely psyched about this revealing of information that has been either missing or kept hidden for 67+ years.


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Types of Extraterrestrials

The discussion of what kinds of aliens exist is a pretty broad spectrum. The variety of alien types that people have theorized about, ranges from Jabba the hutt-esque beings, to the alien in Alien vs Predator.

Some widely talked about and accepted (theorized) types of extraterrestrial are as follows.


1, UFOs, aliens, demons, secret government experiments, Whitley Strieber, Barbara Marciniak, Aleister Crowley

This type is the common, almost stereotypical kind of extraterrestrial that comes to mind when someone says ‘alien’. Greys are described as thin, bipedal, having large oblong heads, and long limbs. They can be anywhere from 3 to 6 feet tall, and have a weight ranging from 50-90 pounds. A Grey’s facial features (which corresponds immensely with Hollywood’s typical alien) features large, unblinking, and oblong eyes, a relatively small mouth resembling a crease or slit, and very small to nonexistent nostril holes.

The Grey’s means of communication is thought to be nonverbal (hence a small or even nonexistent mouth) such as telepathy.

Their agenda is theorized to be generally scientific studies and medical research (mainly of the human race). Greys were the type in the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident, which would account for most alien sightings and abductions to be (supposedly) linked to Greys.

Reptilian (Reptiloids)


The Reptilian type is bipedal, stands 6-9 feet tall, has scaly skin, and a facial structure with ridges and a protruding “lizard-like” jaw.

This particular type of extraterrestrial has many theories backing it, pertaining to their relation to the human race and Earth. Some suppose that the Reptilians “seeded” Earth and thus created the long reigning reptiles, some of which are still seen today (ie. alligators, crocodiles, Gila monster, etc.).

The Reptilian’s agenda has been theorized to mainly be dominance over varying races, whether it be Grey aliens or humans. “Believers in this theory claim that the Reptilians live in the 3rd, 4th and 5th universal dimensions, feed on negative energy, and attempt to cause conflict in our world,” (Michelle).



Nordics are a very human-like extraterrestrial, also called Blondes and stand 5-7 feet tall. Abduction accounts claim that this type always has blonde hair, and most commonly blue eyes, though occasionally violet, pink, red, purple, and green. Nordics can easily pass off as a human from a moderate distance.

Their means of communication are theorized to be through telepathy telekinesis. Their purpose is theorized to be “silent watchers of Earth” that aid in helping the human race if needed and warning about potential dangers in the universe.


Michelle, Caroline. “Do Aliens Exist? Three Prominent Alien Types Exposed.”HubPages. N.p., 2010. Web. 26 Feb. 2015.

Their Mark on Earth

It’s likely that extraterrestrials have been to Earth multiple times throughout our history. There happens to be physical evidence to support this claim.

Some of the most popular structures attributed to extraterrestrial creation are Stonehenge, the Easter Island Heads, and the Pyramids of Giza.

What we’ve learned about Stonehenge is that it was built as an astronomical observatory for predicting eclipses. Consisting of 60+ stones over 10 ft. tall, and weighing upwards of 26 tons each, makes aliens a plausible creator.

The Easter Island Heads are stone statues carved from volcanic rock reaching up to 40 ft. tall and 75 tons- each. The mystery of how these massive monoliths got to their location has perplexed mankind since their discovery. ALIENS? (it’s possible).

The Pyramids of Giza, popularly known for being one of, if not the most difficult structure to ever be built. While aliens are a common theory for their creation, it’s not far-fetched to say that ancient slaves were used by Egyptian rulers to build these massive structures.

There are many realistic and logical explanations for each of these monuments, however it isn’t entirely out of the question to assume that extraterrestrials might have had some involvement in the creation of these massive wonders.

Just How Long Have they Been Visiting us?

Extraterrestrial theories and UFO sightings are not exclusive to the 21st century, where those who claim to have seen such beings always have an awful camera on hand to take a photo of what usually appears as nothing more than a lens flare.

Evidence (if you can call it that) such as these photos pretty much fall into the “Big Foot” category of viable proof.

The bit that really matters in a reported alien/UFO sighting is what the witnesses have to say. Witnesses from across the globe commonly report seeing disk and triangle-shaped crafts with lights arranged in various patterns. The frequency in which these details arise after a sighting, is undeniably convincing.

In fact, these UFO descriptions correlate pretty well with one of the earliest known UFO sightings. In 329 BC Alexander the Great documents seeing “two great silver shields, spitting fire around the rims in the sky” (Mancusi). There are numerous UFO sightings throughout history, all reporting similar phenomena. Cristóbal Colón (better known as Christopher Columbus) reportedly saw “a light glimmering at a great distance” that “vanished, only to reappear several times during the night, each time dancing up and down in sudden and passing gleams” (Christopher Columbus UFO Sighting). These are only 2 examples of the many historical UFO sightings.

Alexander the Great in famous mosaic

What this tells us is that extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth for much longer than we really anticipate. If these are the earliest known sightings, just imagine how far back their first visit must have been. Unless they never left. (O.o)


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Extraterrestrial Inquisition

Greetings fellow earthlings,

This blog will be dedicated to the study and research of extraterrestrial existence. Theories, evidence of such beings, space and exploration will be featured.

Extraterrestrials: “a hypothetical or fictional being from outer space, especially an intelligent one.”

The argument of “are there other beings somewhere out in the realms of space?” has plagued mankind for as long as we know. This blog will reach to analyze theories, discoveries of modern day space exploration, and all possibilities surrounding the subject of extraterrestrial life.

Do aliens exist? Do I believe there’s life other than ourselves somewhere in the existence of space? It’s hard to doubt such odds. The focus of this blog will not be debating whether or not extraterrestrials exist, but rather analyzing theories that may or may not support such life.

I will delve into research gathered by space exploration across the decades, and all ranges of theories across the internet and elsewhere.