Disappointment and Speculation on the Kodachrome (Roswell) Slides

In March, I wrote about the newly emerged Kodachrome slides that allegedly featured an alien from the Roswell incident. On May 5 the slides were shown at an event in Mexico City. Considering the hype that these alleged slides generated, the ratio of speculators to believers doesn’t seem to be so split 50/50, as so typically seen in the question of “are aliens real”.


Revealed full quality picture of one of the two slides allegedly featuring aliens

Richard Dolan, a ufologist who attended the event in Mexico City stated in a recent article: “I will start by saying that although I still do not yet have a firm position on the slides, I think they are interesting and worthy of continued investigation by qualified individuals. I do not think any of this is a hoax.” Saying that the slides aren’t a hoax, doesn’t mean that “it’s in fact an alien”. Rather, it means that the slides were not created with the intention of “fooling anyone”. The main theories for what is actually in the slide, are a mummy, child mummy, deformed mummy, or a model.

It’s important to remember that when considering the theories as to the subject of the photo being a mummy (or anything in that realm), that the two slides in question were in a box of 400 varying vacation slides. These slides were not found alone. Further more, It’s stated in the trailer video of the full documentary (linked in my previous Kodachrome/Roswell post) that “…mixed in with dozens of vacation shots…” supporting the theory that this may simply be a museum mummy.

On the Kodachrome website where the alleged alien photo is accompanied by a few other from the collection, there’s a tab entitled “Woman in Museum”. If you take a look at the reflection in the glass case in the alleged alien photo, the skirt is a near (if not) identical match to the woman’s in the below photo. The white sleeves, identical knee length of the skirt are also further proof. What does this mean to prove that the alleged alien is in actuality a mummy? As mentioned in my previous post about the Kodachrome slides, the photo collection belonged to Bernard and Hilda Blair Ray. It’s more than possible that among the couple’s extensively documented vacations, they had a friend with them (possibly the woman in the photo) as her identity has not been confirmed yet. I strongly believe that the woman in the glass reflection in the alleged alien slide, is the same as in the below photo.

Unknown woman in museum with model ship believed to be Queen Mary

Unknown woman in museum with model ship believed to be Queen Mary

Prior to the reveal of the photos, I genuinely believed that these slides could be holding some secrets to the Roswell case. Looking back now, I think I wanted to believe that these were legitimate photos, more than I actually believed they were. Let’s say someone did come across real photos of what went down at Roswell, some way or another the U.S. government would get to that information before it was released to the public. In today’s world, you can’t make a documentary, plan, host, and broadcast an event revealing top secret government files. I really wanted to believe in these photos, but the more I look at and investigate the photos, I only find more to prove otherwise.

I would highly recommend checking out these sources if you are interested in the Kodachrome/ Roswell slides:

– Richard Dolan’s article http://www.kgraradio.com/dolans-latest-post-on-the-roswell-slides/


– Kodachrome website http://slideboxmedia.com/