Thoughts On The Following

I’d like to take this space to put some of my thoughts out into this internet space (vs a research based “report”).

I’ve always believed that there is in fact other life in existence besides what is known to Earth; otherwise phrased as “I believe in aliens”. When engaged in conversation that takes the turn onto the subject of extraterrestrials, one might imagine the stereotypical “large head, large owl-like eyes, glowing finger, ET Go Home” (mentioned in previous posts as Grey Types). So, why does this image crop up into our mind, almost as if put there by someone/thing? Hollywood. However this post isn’t about the media’s effect on our perception of extraterrestrial life (future post?).

Right, aliens. So where was it specified that extraterrestrial life has to be some kind of bipedal, advanced civilization with a thirst for world domination? If you believe in the theory of evolution (referring to earthlings now), then you’ll know that life on Earth (supposedly) started as single-celled organisms floating about the vast seas waiting to evolve. Connecting this theory with extraterrestrials, who’s to say that this can’t or simply doesn’t apply to aliens?


Let’s take the theory of evolution, and run with it. I’m not stating that this is “the only correct theory of human origin” (you are entitled to your own beliefs and so on and so forth). For the sake of this discussion, let’s just roll with it. IF in fact the Big Bang did happen, thus creating the universe and well, everything else, then any extraterrestrial life would have evolved from the present elements. Well duh?

What I’m getting at is that all life that we have discovered on Earth is carbon based. The question I’m posing, is what if there were elements present in the Big Bang that are not present on Earth, or even in the Milky Way for that matter. What if those particular elements are the basis for extraterrestrial life in the way that carbon is the basis for all Earth life?

I think that’s enough brain work for tonight.


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